Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Health: Attainable or larger than life?

As read looked through my Public Health article
On systems thinking; a broad approach
To Public Health in today's world

I remembered 'Alma Ata declaration'
History presents the meeting as
One of the foundations of (health) system thinking

Health defined as
Complete state of
Mental,Physical and Social
Well-being of an individual
Not just the absence of disease or infirmities

Alma Ata declaration was 1978
Wasn't even born then :)
But in 2015, can't relate
With such ideal definition of health

Health is wealth:
Prestigious logo of BU Health club
Seems far-fetched
Over three decades after Alma Ata

I wish i can explain why
Today's health deteriorates
Mental, physical and social well-being
Yet Public health exists

Suddenly health is a commodity
Logic, money even the most disciplined lifestyles
Can't afford
Is it attainable? Is it elusive?

Or are we prioritizing health deflectors?
Are we back to recognizing the absence of diseases as 'Health'
Research and development has contributed immensely

Maybe less is more
Maybe the bridge between knowledge and practice is broken
Maybe just maybe the definition was larger than life
Or maybe 1978 focus was on the most important things

Where am i in the health index? where's my immediate family?
Lol...better left unanswered
But thankful for life

I would try to remember
Alma Ata and check if truly
Health is Wealth today

3 Jn 1:2-Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers(KJV 2000)


Friday, 11 September 2015

This too shall pass..hmnnn.Amin o

Whatever happened to my sweet
Understanding leader
My head, my partner in prayers
And naughty escapades

Was i too relaxed
Too trusting
Too slack in prayers
Too lethargic

No I aint taking a guilt trip
No more at least
I hope to get better each day
But will not forget 
How much strengths am blessed with
By focusing on weaknesses

I often listen to my broken sisters
Long before i got married 
Single either in a challenging relationship
Or Married in a stressful situation

I didn't understand,but prayed for
Counselled from the bible and some good tips
Learnt from mentors
But am clueless now 
And is the one being listened too,
But i can't even find the voice

To explain how my charming husband 
Became a stranger
But feeble me finds strength
On my knees

And let me know that
This too shall pass

But when unmarried friends
Remind me how lucky 
I am to have a man
I smile remembering
My deal with the creator
About Quality 
My marriage not Just a number

Am quickly reminded too
I didn't marry just for fun
Or for being Mrs......
But ready to be a blessing
Not 'blessing' defined by men's greed
But 'blessing' defined by God's need

Maybe He feels the same way
But doesn't know how to communicate
Help and encourage him too Lord
Pinch him,stir him, nudge him too if need be :)
But heal us both

And let not the enemy
Triumph over your people

This too shall pass 
In my our life lives,in our homes, families
Yes it has come TO PASS!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Sisters, Judge your 'family of choice', yes JUDGE!!!

Often we hear
Do not Judge
Bible says so
People echo it
Society uses it
As a veil
To mask extreme
Abuse and wickedness

I have walked the path
I am speaking from experience
Judge at the decision making process
Do not be convinced by your partner
Or promises
Especially if it is backed up
By complacency not a firm resolute

We do not choose the family
We spring from
But the power of choice
Give us the ability to choose
The family you marry into

It is not enough
To decide to be a blessing
But be wise my dear sister
So your blessing doesn't get choked
And all is left is
Fighting the wind
Until God comes to your rescue

Don't always give God
Extra work...
When He gave you wisdom
Use it my dearest
Don't ignore red flags

Some families are bizarre
Filled with scallywags
Mistaken Haggai for Esther
Replacing Sarah with Jezebel
Substituting David with Absalom

Even in a world of imperfection
Christ beckons hope in repentance
Yet they hold the truth in ungodliness
But twice dead plucked up by the roots
Raging waves of the sea
Foaming out their own shame
Wandering stars
To whom is reserved
Blackness of darkness forever(Jude 12-13KJV)

Keep trusting
Keep hoping
Keep believing
Keep loving
Keep praying
But when you have the opportunity
Judge mercilessly
So you don't have to die
Spiritually or physically...

A part of you
Doesn't have to die
To testify or be a story teller
Be wise my sisters

Monday, 31 August 2015

Peace by the Prince of Peace

Peace is a priceless commodity
In today's world
Where hustle and bustle
Leaves us startled
But in Jesus
We find peace

Praise bursts out
After we have come
To embrace peace
By the Prince of Peace

Love u Lord
I am that I am
The holy one of Isreal
Lion of Judah
Ancient of days
Rock of ages

Thank you Lord
For such priceless Peace
and Loveful :)

Grace-Based Parenting and Dreams

Every parent has a dream
Of God-given child(ren)
To nurture IN love
Train with the Word
Laced with discipline
All grounded in Grace

Kiss almost every moment
Hug after every 'little step stagger'
Smack at naughty attempts
Chuckle along as they negotiate
Verbally or non-verbally :)

How do you know
The training was
Dug down deep
Internalized in character
Not a mere farcade
That wears off so easily

In the face of
Pleasure or pressure
Only time can tell
Whether they will
End up as Blessings
Or as extortioners
Virtues or Vices
Hand them over

To the Potter
He will mold
As He deems Fit
Lord help P&I
As well as other parents
As we attempt
Grace-based parenting

***dedicated to our loving godly and supportive parents. Love u

Monday, 17 August 2015

Customized race

While i was about putting together
More slides for a presentation
My mind was struck
By such meaningful message
Run your customized race

In an environment where
We have been taught
To engage in a T.E.A.M
Where together everyone achieves more
Well, it works in the social world

And of course in marriage
Its 'no more two'
Instead, you both learn
The rudiments of music
Till it is harmonized 
Breaking into a tune
Suitable to the ears
After repeated moments 
Of shrilling, going off tune

Back to the customized race
What is your motive
If it is often compared to others
You are running a rat race
If thinking about others' challenges
Inspires you to decide, write, act 
Or soothe a poorly developed ego

Then you are yet to get on your marks
You are yet to find your purpose
Yet to breathe 
Yet to live
Yet to smile truly
Yet to frown sincerely
Yet to dance in and out of rhythm

Because its not your race...
Its motivated by an external force
Maybe its time to end their race
And thank God for yours
The baton is held out 
Are you ready for your customized race?

Note: This post does not undermine the benefits of motivational factors or inspiring mentors,instead it calls the reader (hopefully)from a world driven by competition to a life driven by inner purpose and calling.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Watch out daughter, am the Author and the Finisher

In such technologically driven world
Christianity is overwhelmed
Motivational speaking takes the center stage
While the sWORD has been shifted off the focus

But Daddy God has a way 
Of pulling drawing us back 
To the Master Piece
To the life manual or better still
A life jacket for the storms of life
(No that doesn't illustrate the essence of the Word)

It is the very breath of life
Without which we are dead
Grouping in the dark 
Tossed about by every FB personal opinion
Or Whatzapp messages
Or Nairaland news

Sniffing life out of God's image
Believing in conformity
Instead of seeking to be
Transformed by the word

I struggle to find a balance
Staying informed about current affairs
Yet hearing from my father
The infallible word

Boldly inscribed in the Word
Look unto Jesus
Author and Finisher of Faith

How often I let Jesus author my faith
Then let doubts,opinions,noises,great suggestions
Drown the voice of the Master Jesus
Becoming the finisher of my faith

In mercy am redeemed, in love restored 
Not just me but all of God's wandering children
To the author and finisher of my faith

Looking unto Jesus....Heb 12:1-2